Lista tematów

Lista tematów w rekrutacji do Międzyuczelnianej Szkoły Doktorskiej Biotechnologii UG i GUMed w roku akademickim 2023/2024


lp. temat pracy doktorskiej promotor promotor pomocniczy uwagi
1.  Towards new antimicrobials of plant orgin targeting antibiotic resistant bacteria dr hab. inż. Aleksandra Królicka, prof. UG    
2.  Infected keratinocytes as a model for studying the inactivation of intracellular Staphylococcus aureus by photoactivated compounds dr hab. Joanna Nakonieczna, prof. UG    
3.  Assessment of the risk of co-selection, co-resistance and/or cross-resistance to antimicrobial blue light (aBL) and other stress factors in Escherichia coli dr hab. Mariusz Grinholc, prof. UG   2 miejsca do 1 tematu
4.  Molecular mechanism of mitochondrial DNA replication dr hab. Michał Szymański, prof. UG    
5.  Unveiling the molecular interactions of Pseudomonas donghuensis with plant pathogenic bacterium Dickeya solani dr hab. Sylwia Jafra, prof. UG    
6.  Determination of the molecular factors essential for colonization of the medical infusion tubing and plant roots by Ochrobactrum spp dr hab. Sylwia Jafra, prof. UG    
7.  Auto-inhibition in J-domain chaperones - the key to amyloid disaggregation prof. dr hab. Jarosław Marszałek dr inż. Bartłomiej Tomiczek  
8.  Molecular mechanism of the amyloid fibrils recognition and disaggregation by Hsp70 systems prof. dr hab. Jarosław Marszałek dr hab. inż. Jacek Czub  
9.  Cooperation between A and B J-domain proteins in refolding of proteins from aggregates prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Liberek    
10.  Protein-mRNA complexes as the novel approach to anti-viral vaccines prof. dr hab. Bogusław Szewczyk    

Nauki medyczne

lp. temat pracy doktorskiej promotor promotor pomocniczy uwagi
1. Nuclear envelope architecture and its role in tumor genomic instability, mechano-adaptation and dissemination prof. dr hab. Anna Żaczek dr Paulina Nastały