Individual research plan

  • A doctoral student, in consultation with a thesis advisor or advisors, develops an individual research plan, which includes, in particular, a doctoral dissertation schedule, and submits it to the institution governing the doctoral school within 12 months of entering education. 
  • In case an assistant advisor is appointed, a research plan is submitted after it has been assessed by such an advisor.
  • A research plan consists of three parts:
    1. Research objective, in which a doctoral student defines a research problem that is supposed to be solved as a result of the research, and formulates a research hypothesis. Additionally, a doctoral student introduces one or two key publications regarding the subject of research. 
    2. Research significance, in which a doctoral student presents the current state of knowledge of the research subject and justifies exploring this research, referring to its innovation and the impact of its results on the development of the subject, both in Poland and out of the country. Additionally, a doctoral student may introduce one or two key publications that will validate the significance of the subject of research. 
    3. Comprehensive work schedule, in which a doctoral student establishes a specified work plan in the form of a table, which includes a doctoral dissertation schedule. A doctoral student formulates research tasks and their subject, along with the research methods that will be applied and the timeframe in which particular tasks will be carried out. The comprehensive work schedule also introduces the expected date of a doctoral dissertation submission. Furthermore, a doctoral student also provides an estimation of the costs of developing a doctoral dissertation in case the expenses of performing research tasks are financed by:

      a) an advisor or advisors’ funds,
      b) research grant funds,
      c) a doctoral student’s employer,
      d) a doctoral student’s own funds.

  • The cost estimation is approved by the holder of funds. 
  • An individual research plan is signed by a doctoral student and by a doctoral advisor. In case more than one advisor is appointed, a plan is signed by a doctoral student and all of the advisors. 
  • Once a research plan is submitted, no later than June 30th of a particular academic year, a doctoral student may introduce changes to a research plan only in justified cases and in agreement with an advisor or advisors. The changes must be immediately presented to the Director of the Doctoral School.


Developed on the basis of:
Act of 20 July 2018, The Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1668, as amended)
Resolution no. 86/19 of the Senate of the University of Gdańsk of 27 June 2019 regarding the Regulations of Doctoral Schools